hecatomb imminent

they said they missed the cults
did I call them a bunch of dolts ?
No I did not
for religion is a serious matter
and so I said
go, do go
and get thee a tomato
and of planks piled by the shed
I took a few bits
and together did we
erect an altar in the yard
[not sure of dimensions in cubits]
then, verily unto thee I say
we lit a candle
(but really to keep mosquitos at bay)

and tho I did tell them
is a better word than
they said they wanted to go
whole hog – so lo,
we pierced the tender skin
of brother tomato
and all of us did eat of it
and thus we know
that now
brother tomato
his red
that live we may
if not eternally
at least
until we’re dead.




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